Landscape Bark - 100 Litres

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Westland Landscape Bark is used as a decorative mulch for beds, borders, paths, woodlands and fruit gardens.


  • 30-50mm large chips for maximum coverage
  • Helps suppress weed growth
  • Helps to keep moisture in the soil
  • Slows down soil temperature changes, protecting the plant roots from extremes of hot and cold

How To Use

For use on existing beds & borders, always prepare the area first by removing all weeds and debris. Make sure that the soil is fully wet before applying, if it isn't either water the area thoroughly or apply after a heavy rainstorm. Spread a layer of bark at least 5cm deep over the area ensuring that the mulch reaches under the plant canopy and covers the root area.
As a guide, each bag covers up to 2m2 when spread at 5cm depth.

Green Credentials

Westland Landscape Bark is produced from sustainable conifer plantations that are grown for the timber industry and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

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