Looft Lighter X - Battery Powered Fire Lighter

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Looft Lighter X is the ultimate firelighter. Light your fire in 60 seconds with battery power only.

The all-electric Looft Lighter X gives you the freedom of being cordless and the same efficiency as its successor, the Original Looft Lighter I.

FAST - The Looft Lighter X hits temperatures of 1200°F and gets your wood or charcoal glowing in 60 seconds.

VERSATILE - Charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, and briquettes. Looft Lighter X gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time.

SAFE – No gas, no flame and no lighter fluids means that you rule the fire with nothing more than super-heated air. And the safety casing cools down seconds after use.

CLEAN – With the Looft Lighter X there’s no CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals. Lighter fluid is a distant smelly memory


  • 36V - Li-Ion Technology
  • 1 charge - Lights up to 10 times
  • 2h- Charge time
  • Charger plug type-A
  • 2 year Warranty

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