Seasoned Hardwood Logs, Small Bag (18 - 22 logs)

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Barn-stored and Seasoned Hardwood Logs (Handy Bag) 18 - 22 logs per bag

  • An efficient size for you to move around
  • Large lifting hoops
  • Perfect for difficult access sites
  • Easy to lift

About our seasoned logs

  • Our barn-stored logs are hand selected to make sure you only receive well seasoned, dry hard woods.
  • We only use hardwood logs which produce a higher heat and slower burn than less expensive soft woods.
  • Handy bag for easy storage and cleanliness.
  • Locally produced to ensure a low carbon footprint.
  • Ready to Burn firewood certified 20% or less moisture.
  • Our excellent delivery service means we can position your log bag almost anywhere you want

About the Wood types used for the logs

  • Ash - The King of firewood. Produces good mix of both heat and bright flame.
  • Oak - Very dense so burns very slowly and gives off lots of heat with a small flame.
  • Beech - Produces good flame and lots of heat, similar to Oak.

Ready to Burn

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