Space 2-Seater Sofa

Cane-lineSKU: 6540AITG-6540BC81-6540SC81

Colour: Grey AirTouch
Back Module: Grey AirTouch
Side Module: Grey AirTouch


Space is a lounge concept in a modern and Scandinavian design. The concept adds a new dimension to modular lounge sofas where one is capable of changing materials and functions and thereby the look. Space can stand as a lounge sofa, but one can also change the back and side modules into tables, so the lounge sofa can even change into a sunbed. The table plates are of either certified teak or solid surface material, the fabric is the soft and comfortable Cane-line AirTouch.

Dimensions: depth 105cm, width 180cm height 70cm, seat depth 76cm, seat height 40cm, armrest height 67cm.

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