StableGRASS - Grass Stabilisation Panel - 1.19m x 0.795m

Stable DriveSKU: 716150-59



These reinforced grass paving grids are the ideal solution for light vehicular use such as car parking, access roads, communal social spaces and woodland pathways with heavy foot traffic.

StableGRASS is a purpose designed, fully interlocking, green coloured reinforcing grid for grass. It is produced in 1190mm x 795mm panels which are 38mm deep and can be easily cut to fit any shape or size.
The secure interlocking facility provides immense stability and enhanced lateral loading resistance. The units are tested to resist minimum compression loadings of 135 tonnes/m², with greater load resistance determined by the sub base structure selected.

StableGRASS is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE and is UV treated. The product can be fully recycled in itself which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in manufacture, use and disposal. As a permeable paving which facilitates vegetation growth the end result is environmentally beneficial whilst enabling land use for pedestrians and vehicles.

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