TechniClay Leca - 6-10mm - Lightweight Clay Aggregate - 50 litre

Cedar NurserySKU: EXCLAY2/8LT



Lightweight clay aggregate formed by special clay minerals expanded at a high temperature. This produces ceramic "pebbles" with a smooth outer crust and a honeycomb interior. These pebbles are sterile, non-toxic, inert, resistant to algae, extremely strong and can absorb up to 40% of their own weight in water. They are not damaged by frost and have good insulating properties. Use for oven insulation and drainage at the base of planters.


  • Sterile, non-toxic, inert, resistant to algae.
  • Inert and long-lasting TechniClay can be reused indefinitely.
  • A great insulator for Outdoor Pizza Ovens and Shed Bases.
  • It is lime and chalk free, making it safe to use with all plants.
  • How To Use

  • Use one part of Leca to three parts of compost for Roof Gardens and planters.
  • Use a 5 cm layer of Techniclay instead of pot shards or pebbles in the bottom of pots.
  • When building a Pizza Oven within a structure fill any voids with Techniclay to help maintain the oven temperature.
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