Cedar Nursery's 2024 Chelsea Flower Show stand

The most famous and prestigious gardening show, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show is finally here. Over 160,000 visitors will pour through the gates at the grounds of the Chelsea Pensioners Royal Hospital. 

For everyone who loves flowers, gardening, outdoor living, creative ideas, retail therapy and star spotting it will not disappoint.  The pavilion and walkways are abundant with colour the very best of imaginative cultivation.  Everything will be perfectly in bloom and appear as if it has always lived there.  However, for the exhibitors, reaching this window of Chelsea nirvana has taken all year.  Preparation and design will have started back in September, specialist materials ordered in December and bespoke flooring, walls and panels and component parts will be being made off site ready for install in May. 

In order for us to get our stand ready to show off the best of our Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Water Features and Pergolas it will take 14 staff members, including our carpenters and electricians busying themselves on site for three days before the grand opening. 

These “get in” days render the place unrecognisable to the royalty and celebrities who will attend three days later.  It’s a landscape of mud, shingle, piles of bricks, hi vis jackets and forklift trucks.  The noise level is not a high buzz of admiring compliments but a dirge of engines and shouted expletives! 

If you look up you can see a hundred-year-old olive tree being winched into place by a grab lorry, swinging precariously overhead and if you look to your left there will be someone on their hands and knees holding a miniature hair brush, gently stroking all the blades of grass on a Japanese garden into a uniform direction. 

As Einstein said, “Order is needed by the ignorant, but it takes a genius to master chaos” 

This must make all the exhibitors not just the hard grafters they are but also true geniuses. 

Our finished stand for the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show was a collaboration between Cedar Nursery, Solus Decor, Thermalux, Trex UK and Kitchen in the Garden and you can view the finised design below.  

We are delighted that our stand was awarded 3 stars. 

Love the look of our pergola at Chelsea? You can buy the Biossun Pergola from the stand at a saving of 15%.


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