Plantsava Tank 6 Plant Watering System

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Mona Plantsava Irrigation Tanks are an excellent solution for watering plant displays in interior and exterior landscaping projects. Plantsava Irrigation System uses the process of capillary action to feed the plant where it needs water the most- at its roots.

Tank 6 measures 24 cm in diameter and 15 cm tall. The filler pipe is 59 cm long, and can be trimmed to the desired length.

The Plantsava Tank 6 is ideally suited to planters with a volume of around 20 to 60 litres.


  1. The Plantsava system comprises of a reservoir tank, filler pipe, float and capillary leg.
  2. Insert the capillary leg into the central hole of the reservoir tank.
  3. Place the float inside the filler pipe.
  4. Insert the filler pipe into the secondary hole within the reservoir tank.
  5. Fill the capillary leg(s) with a small amount of growing media.
  6. Insert the assembled Plantsava into the planter, ensuring the top of the filler pipe is level with the top of the planter.
  7. Fill with growing media and plant your choice of plants ensure the depth between the plants roots and top of the reservoir is no more than 150mm.

Download the Plantsava 6 Installation Guide

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