Rite-Edge Landscape Edging - 14 Joining Pieces

Colour: Aluminium


The standard method of joining two pieces of Rite-Edge is to use its unique telescopic joining system. Rite-Edge is made from high quality aircraft grade aluminium which is extruded to a strong 100mm deep section that has incorporated into its design a male and a female section. These two sections slide together not only giving the unique sliding telescopic joint but also a joint that is true and straight. This method of joining Rite-Edge pieces to each other is the most popular method but in some peoples view it is not aesthetically pleasing in that it does leave what can be best described as a stepped joint.

Now there is a quick and easy way to join Rite-Edge without the stepped joint. The flush joining pack provides 14 small pieces of Rite-Edge that enable two longer pieces to be joined together still using the unique telescopic system but resulting a flat face finish. The precision engineered joint is still achieved when using the joiners.

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