StablePAVE HD Gravel Stabilisation Panels - 1.2m x 0.8m

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Our flagship product, StablePAVE HD, is the most robust of the range. It is a gravel stabilisation panel complete with double strength weed suppressant membrane attached to the base.

The heavy-duty gravel stabilisation panels can be used in all vehicular and pedestrian applications, including constant access commercial or municipal car parking. StablePAVE HD is produced in panels of 1190 × 795 mm × 38mm deep (about 0.95m2 per panel), with a double strength weed suppressant membrane base. The secure interlocking facility provides immense stability and enhanced lateral loading resistance. This provides a much more robust and durable gravel surface and increases its suitability for heavier, regular traffic.

How do the stabilisation panels help with maintaining gravel?

StablePAVE HD provides a free draining permeable paving layer. The reinforcing structure prevents rutting, restricts gravel migration and can withstand a compressive loading from over 135 tonnes/sq. mtr (unfilled). The design criteria is to accommodate heavier vehicles up to and including emergency and utility access. Addition lateral load resistance from the interlocking design makes StablePAVE HD particularly suitable for heavy small wheeled maintenance or utility plant, horse boxes and other high point loading wheeled vehicles.

Low Carbon Footprint Gravel Stabilisation (Breeam compatibility)

StablePAVE HD is manufactured in Europe from 100% re-cycled raw materials. The product can be fully re-cycled in itself, which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in production, use and disposal. When used with traditional local, natural aggregates, the StablePAVE HD system offers a significant contribution to beneficial BREEAM ratings in the landscaping and external works around your building. The contribution can be further enhanced by the utilisation of re-cycled decorative aggregates.

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage)

Even with a traditional compacted sub base the system creates a free draining, permeable paving layer which virtually eliminates surface water run-off. This substantially reduces demand on surface water drainage capacity. StablePAVE HD is eminently suitable for use in conjunction with fully permeable sub base construction and over water harvesting installations.

Increase speed, efficiency and productivity using StablePAVE HD Gravel Grid Panels for your landscaping project

The gravel grid system is fast and easy to install, which is a major cost consideration, when compared to the alternatives. Installation rates of up to 250 sq. metres per day with a single small crew are achievable, making StablePAVE HD a very economical paving selection.

Installation and Specification


StablePAVE HD should be placed on a suitably compacted sub-base (see notes), with weed suppressant overlap laid underneath each following sheet.

Panels should be placed on a flat bed of blinding or sand, graded to suit the installation.

Gravel fill at a rate of 70 - 75 kg per sq. metre, should be placed into the honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure should be overfilled to a depth of 10 - 20 mm above the top surface of the panels. Filling should take place from the access point inwards and mechanical or pedestrian traffic should only occur over filled panels. StablePAVE is suitable for use with all sizes of gravel up to 20 mm diameter.

If required final consolidation can be aided by light compaction with a compaction plate. Notes:
Sub-base substructure is dependent on the use to which the final surface is to experience. This can vary from compacted earth for very light foot access paths to 150 mm of type one sub base material, where regular vehicle traffic is anticipated. In general the same sub-base as would be specified for modular concrete paving, is applicable to StablePAVE.

StablePAVE requires virtually no maintenance.
If the honeycombs cells become exposed simply top up with gravel.

Technical specifications
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Dimensions of the panels 1190 x 795 x 38 mm (L x W x H)
Honeycomb diameter 60 x 70 mm
Weight 3.06 kg/m2 (empty weight)
Load bearing (from) 135 tonnes/m2
Drainage capacity StablePAVE HD is completely permeable
Biological resistance Very good
Chemical resistance StablePAVE HD is resistant to almost all chemicals
Colour Black


Please click here for technical details and FAQs.

StablePAVE Installation

StablePAVE Technical

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